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About Us

The idea of COMPROLINK arose because of the huge dynamic of the market changes in Europe. These changes affect contemporary companies by making them constantly searching for flexible, effective and profitable ways to make their business ideas work.
To win the race for the customer, new workers, contractor,  market there are three important things: relevant information, time and most important of all people who are engaged in the project.

After many years in the recruitment industry, we understand more than ever, that employees are the most important investment for the company. Generally speaking, that is why we have decided to focus our activities mainly on recruitment services and all related areas.

We have to build COMPROLINK Sp. z o.o. on this understanding with the people with knowledge and experience. We all here are committed to supplying a totally professional, ethical service, something as we would like to receive ourselves.

Our terms of business are clear and simple, so our clients exactly know what is the cost of our services and timescale.

We treat every customer with respect and in a fully individual way.

We are looking forward to working together with You!

The team at COMPROLINK Sp. z o.o.

We do all we can to be flexible, competitive and most of all effective!